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I'm looking into building some home automation and monitoring into my house, and I want to do it on a platform that doesn't rely on cloud services or proprietary protocols that could disappear in the next 5 years. Enter PLCs. My basic goal is to control and monitor things like my HVAC, Water Heater and Irrigation system. I'll have other systems integrated in also, but they will probably work over a protocol like DMX.

I'm an IT Sysadmin so I've got a solid foundation on electronics, wiring, data flow and management and system architecture, and also have a background in auto mechanics/electrical and fabrication - but nothing PLC-specific. I'm having a hard time finding resources between kindergarten-level PLC ("This is ladder logic. It's called ladder logic because it's shaped like a ladder") and knowledge aimed at industry veterans who already know their stuff. I just need to fill in the gaps. I'm learning a lot as I browse, but I don't want to fall into a trap where my knowledge is built on assumptions.

Thanks in advance

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